Application For the detection of IgM antibodies to S.typhi in human serum/plasma/whole blood
Principle Self performing, rapid qualitative immunoassay, lateral flow dipstick
Sensitivity 100%
Specificity 95.5%

• Membrane assembly predispensed with
  − Anti Human IgM-colloidal gold conjugate 
     + Rabbit globulin colloidal gold conjugate 
  − S.typhi specific LPS antigen at 'Test' region (T) 
  − Anti rabbit IgG antibodies reactive to rabbit 
     immunoglobulin at 'Control' Region (C)

• Sample running buffer

Test duration Twenty minutes assay
Storage / Stability 4-30°C, 2 years

Presentation Pack Cat.No.

VIOTUBE S. Typhi IgM kit contains individually pouched dipstick, sample running buffer, test tube with results reading marked area and caps

10 Tests 703030010