Application For simultaneous and differential detection of total antibodies i.e. IgG, IgM, IgA etc to HIV-1 and HIV-2 virus in human serum / plasma.
Principle Rapid, 3rd generation, Self performing, qualitative, double antigen sandwich immunoassay, lateral flow dipstick.
Sensitivity 100%
Specificity 99.8%
Reagents Test Dipstick is pre-dispensed with:
  •  Highly specific HIV 1 & HIV 2 antigens-colloidal gold conjugate and rabbit IgG conjugated to colloidal gold.
  •  HIV-1/2 antigens coated on the membrane at two separate test regions for HIV-1 & HIV-2.
  •  Agglutinating sera for rabbit globulin at region 'C'.

    Sample running buffer: Buffer containing surfactants and preservative. Ready to use
Test duration 30 minutes assay
Storage / Stability 4-30°C, 2 years

Presentation Pack Cat.No.
VIOTUBE HIV contains Tubes with caps, individually pouched dipstick with sample dropper and sample running buffer. 10 TESTS 702010010