Application  For the determination of CK - MB activity in Serum
Method Immunoinhibition / Modified IFCC

The M fraction of CK-MB and the CK-MM in the sample is inhibited with an Anti CK-M antibody and the activity of CK-B subunits is determined by the classical CK method.

Reagent System Two reagents, Mix Ratio 4 + 1
Storage/ Stability 2-8°C 12 Months
In Use Stability Unmixed 2- 8°C 12 Months
Mixed 2- 8°C 10 Days
Test Parameters
Reaction U.V. Kinetic Interval 60 sec.
Wavelength 340 nm Sample Vol. 0.05 ml
Zero Settings Distilled Water Reagent Vol. 1.00 ml
Incub. Temp. 37°C Standard -

Incub. Time

- Factor 6666
Delay Time 300 sec. React. Slope Increasing
Read Time 180 sec. Linearity 1000 U/L
No. of read. 4 Units U/L

Cat. No.
VIOCHEM CK-MB 10T 705150010